Monday, March 9, 2009

Our last night in Cancun

I love the weather here...its hot with a gracious wind to cool the body off. There was NO luck with the sushi all...Imma stick to Kumo's, they've never did me wrong...or I'll just go to Japan to get some! It's been a really chillax day we went to the beach and the water was amazing. The beautiful blue water was great. Nothin compared to South or Grand Haven! I am a little home sick, tho and a little excited about going home! I drank Bacardi Anejo and it was fantastic (not), but it does get you gone real fast! And Chillis was on point today! American food....I love it!!! I miss it!!!! What time is it?? Mexico doesn't leap forward...I don't think! I'm still confused on that one!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Searching for sushi!

Up around noon again from a great night of fun. And still in search of some good sushi. We finally got our money exchanged so we wouldnt keep getting ripped off by everyone!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 5 Cancun

Up by noon and I'm so hungry. I think we will be eating some sushi today!

Day 4 Cancun

Day 5 was a great day! We started off the day going to the beach at one of the beachfront hotels. We also had a buffet type lunch. Of course, out of the buffet there were only a couple things I liked, as much of the food was authentic Mexican dishes. Then we stopped by the Oasis Cancun to get some info on the Booze Cruise. The girls from StudentCity, where we bought out party package from, were very friendly and helpful. After we talked with them we stopped by the hotel to put our stuff up and headed toward the dock for the Booze Cruise. Once we finally boarded the cruise, hours later, everything was pretty fun. The liquor was watered down, but it was still a great cruise. Once we reached the Isla de Mujeres (Island of Women), the entertainment was great! There were tons of contest to keep everyone occupied, the food was pretty good too! Later we went to Coco Bongo for live entertainment and disco dancing. It was a great experience!

Day 3 Cancun

Day 3 of my Cancun trip could have been the best day of my life! We moved out of the stinky hotel into the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel was closer to the party life and restaurants. It is located on the Pok Ta Pok Island near a golf course and other small hotels. It's not comparable to the "all inclusive" hotels, but it is great for our trip and affortable. We learned a very valuable lesson about hotel choosing, don't go for the cheapest thing pay the extra $20 a night for a better hotel. The hotel has a mixture of American & Mexican flavor. Several of the tv channels actually speak English with Spanish subtitles, which is great for a day just relaxing in the room after a long night. Our hotel has a balcony overlooking the beautiful pool area. We also get a real continental breakfast, not just milk, juice, coffee and cereal which is great!

By Day 3 we had come to realize serveral things about the food here in Cancun. Mexican food is very authentic, nowhere near your usual Taco Bell or Qdoba's and can be very spicy making it very spicy. The food also seems to not sit well in American stomachs for very long, if you know what I mean. None of the snacks or drinks we eat in American taste the same here in Mexico. They seem to lack the extra something us Americans love. A Sprite here in Mexico has more of a lemon taste without the fizz. A lemon is actually a lime here. When I ordered Limoneade it tasted very different, but I still liked it. After visiting Bubba Gumps, which I think is a great themed restaurant, we realized lemon flavoring was actually lime. The waiter explained to us that a lime was the same thing as a lemon here. So if your not a fan of limes, stay away from things that have "lemon" in them. Another great restaurant would have to be hands down Margaritaville. The food was excellent, the service was great, and the atmosphere was to die for. This is a place I wouldn't mind visiting again!

Day 2 Cancun

The damage surely did began! Our hotel room was terrible. We really got what we paid for with this one. The hotel brought Mexican culture directly to our room. Which is fine for a two or three day vacation, but not for seven nights! Plastard ceiling, Mexican paintings, no dresser, a closet with two hangers (what are we suppose to do with that!), several lights that didn't work, two very uncomfortable double beds, no full size mirror, and a the worse sewer smell known to mankind. The sewer smell leaking from the bathroom into our room was insanely terrible and by far the worse part of the trip. This is definitely not what we expected and it had to change soon or our trip could be ruined.
The first night we ended up falling asleep after searching the Cancun strip for the infamous party package with Jose Cuervo swimming in our system, so we decided to make Day 2 different. We woke up well rested and ready to search for a new hotel. As we started hiking down the enormous strip we stopped by the boat dock and relaxed by the water for a few minutes admiring the beautiful blue water and white sand. We stopped by a couple of all inclusive hotels, but the prices were way too high! Finally, we found the Holiday Inn Express and it was just what we were looking for and more. The price was right, the people were friendly, and it smelled clean! After we saw a room we knew this is where we needed to be immediately. That night we went out to Senor Frogs to celebrate our check out from the smelly hotel and had a blast. Although the open bar was a little crowded, I had a great time. I think this is definitely a place that everyone should party at when visiting Cancun. Overall the day was successful in two ways: we found a new hotel room and we found a great party!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 1 Cancun

Waking up at 5:30am to catch a flight to Mexico began to be the worse part of my Cancun trip. Needless to say, it got worse! The flight was excellent, although the staff during the beginning of the flight were not the very friendly, the flight attendants were great. Me and Finan thought we would be seperated the whole flight, but it turned out the plane was not full and we were able to sit together. I also sat next to a very nice lady who let me lean over in her window seat to see the beautiful water. The kids that sat in front of us were always there when we needed a little laugh, which made my first flight very memorable.

Once we landed in Cancun we were greeted by a free shot sign. Of course me and Finan were up for the challenge, but instead decided to be responsible and just picked up a bottle of Jose Cuervo . The shuttle ride was awsome, at first. An older couple was in the shuttle and they were telling us the Spanish words to remember and being very friendly. The shuttle ride became very long and the damage be continued...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A long day

What a long day! Up very very early to finish some last minute shopping. All the running around from store to store all around Detroit has got me beat. Now, I am anxiously awaiting my Spring Break vacation to Mexico: 7 nights of partying, 7 nights of open bar, 7 nights of fun! I think I'm a little too excited, but who wouldn't be? Goodnight!

Getting ready for Cancun

I'm getting ready to do some last minute Cancun shopping and wondering what am I getting myself into? Everyone keeps talking about people getting shot and stuff in Mexico. I hope they not in Cancun! Lol!