Monday, March 9, 2009

Our last night in Cancun

I love the weather here...its hot with a gracious wind to cool the body off. There was NO luck with the sushi all...Imma stick to Kumo's, they've never did me wrong...or I'll just go to Japan to get some! It's been a really chillax day we went to the beach and the water was amazing. The beautiful blue water was great. Nothin compared to South or Grand Haven! I am a little home sick, tho and a little excited about going home! I drank Bacardi Anejo and it was fantastic (not), but it does get you gone real fast! And Chillis was on point today! American food....I love it!!! I miss it!!!! What time is it?? Mexico doesn't leap forward...I don't think! I'm still confused on that one!

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