Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 3 Cancun

Day 3 of my Cancun trip could have been the best day of my life! We moved out of the stinky hotel into the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel was closer to the party life and restaurants. It is located on the Pok Ta Pok Island near a golf course and other small hotels. It's not comparable to the "all inclusive" hotels, but it is great for our trip and affortable. We learned a very valuable lesson about hotel choosing, don't go for the cheapest thing pay the extra $20 a night for a better hotel. The hotel has a mixture of American & Mexican flavor. Several of the tv channels actually speak English with Spanish subtitles, which is great for a day just relaxing in the room after a long night. Our hotel has a balcony overlooking the beautiful pool area. We also get a real continental breakfast, not just milk, juice, coffee and cereal which is great!

By Day 3 we had come to realize serveral things about the food here in Cancun. Mexican food is very authentic, nowhere near your usual Taco Bell or Qdoba's and can be very spicy making it very spicy. The food also seems to not sit well in American stomachs for very long, if you know what I mean. None of the snacks or drinks we eat in American taste the same here in Mexico. They seem to lack the extra something us Americans love. A Sprite here in Mexico has more of a lemon taste without the fizz. A lemon is actually a lime here. When I ordered Limoneade it tasted very different, but I still liked it. After visiting Bubba Gumps, which I think is a great themed restaurant, we realized lemon flavoring was actually lime. The waiter explained to us that a lime was the same thing as a lemon here. So if your not a fan of limes, stay away from things that have "lemon" in them. Another great restaurant would have to be hands down Margaritaville. The food was excellent, the service was great, and the atmosphere was to die for. This is a place I wouldn't mind visiting again!

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